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Thank you for your interest in the 2020 Pack Animal Gatherings. Unfortunately, our Gatherings will be cancelled for this year.

I know everyone was looking forward to getting together and sharing knowledge and stories, but the landowners and I have decided that it would be irresponsible to go ahead given the seriousness of this virus, the number of people who have already signed up, the impressive distance many people were planning to travel, and the fact that we'd all be sharing port-a-potties and other facilities.

I wanted to make sure that the announcement made it into the summer issue of Pack Animal, so that's why I'm calling it now, a week before I send the magazine off to the printer.

If you are a local expert, I would still like to meet with you, one at a time, on the Conifer land, to videotape your expertise. I will post these videos online so that we are still able to share some knowledge, because I know people are hungry for it. Please contact me if you can make a day trip to Conifer (after the snow melts) and would like to share some of your expertise.

Thank you for supporting this idea. We'll reorganize after a vaccine has been developed. ;-) In the meantime, stay safe, subscribe to Pack Animal, and keep working with your animals. If you haven't, already, check out the videos I've put online from the 2011 Pack Llama Festival here.

Alexa Metrick, editor of Pack Animal Magazine