Pack Animal Magazine

From The Editor, Spring 2020

by Alexa Metrick (Spring 2020)

I’m on the left, leading JP, and on the right is my eldest daughter leading Sunrise—with a doll in a pannier pocket in both shots. It is sometimes difficult to describe the impact growing up on the trail with llamas had on me, but maybe the fact that I’m trying to give my girls what I had says it all. Or enough, anyway.

I posted this side-by-side photo on social media in mid-January and packers from all over the west responded in kind, sending me photos of the next generation out on the trail! Check them out on page 5!

I’m so excited to give you all the dates for two Pack Animal Gatherings this year: July 11-12 in Conifer, Colorado and September 26-27 in Cle Elum, Washington. All llama, goat, burro, and yak packers are welcome to join us! Get the details on page 21.

Our cover story is written by fourteen-year-old Lina Gustafson about the disappearance of one of the pack llamas her family recently adopted. It’s heart-breaking, but I still hold out hope that Caribou will be found, health and happy.

We also have a very entertaining story of a new outfitter’s first overnight trip, told from both the point of view of the outfitter (Mark Brindley of Hanging Rock Llama Treks) and one of his guests.

And, as always, the columnist contributions from PLTA, Kristy Brown, Nan Hassey, Phillip Romig, Shirley Weathers, Clancy Clark, David Hodges, and Sadie Squier make this another issue full of great information and great stories.

I would also like to take a moment and a column inch to recognize the folks who advertise in the pages of Pack Animal—without their financial support, there would be no magazine. So please take the time to acknowledge these businesses and, the next time you speak with any of them, be sure to let them know you appreciate their support of our little independent magazine!

I hope to see you all at one of the 2020 Gatherings! Until then,

Happy Trails!
Alexa Metrick, Editor