Pack Animal Magazine

From The Editor, Winter 2019

by Alexa Metrick (Winter 2019)

When I was a kid, we’d kick off every packing season with a Pack Festival, where all the llama packers from miles around would gather for a weekend in the mountains. We would share knowledge, make memories, and build community during these weekends.

With so many of the old guard retiring and so many new people getting into packing, I think it’s high time to re-instate the community-building get- togethers. This time, though, it would be great if we could include all sorts of pack animals (llamas, alpacas, goats, burros, camels, yaks, etc.) and all sorts of packers (recreational packers, commercial outfitters, guides, leasers, people who take guided trips, neophytes, experienced packers, etc.).

We have been offered the use of some land up in Conifer, Colorado for a weekend this summer, and I’m testing the water to see what everyone’s level of interest and availability is. If you would like to participate in a get-together and would like to give your input on when it happens and how it is set up, please join the Pack Animal Community group on Facebook and make your voice heard. If you’re not on Facebook, please email me directly at

Enjoy your summer, and
Happy Trails!
Alexa Metrick, Editor