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Off-road chair and llama

Llama gelding and off-road chair

$5000 (Peyton, CO)—Three-year-old llama gelding and a custom-modified off-road wheelchair (selling as a package). I designed a pulling rig to fit a Grit off-road wheelchair so it could be pulled by a llama. My goal was to get my son who—was paralyzed in a car wreck six months ago—back into the mountains. He has learned to mount a mule and ride so his chair is no longer necessary.
The lever-drive wheelchair is a unique rig that would be useful to get someone who is wheelchair-bound off the road and into the backcountry. The llama can easily pull a full-sized adult in rolling hills and would be suitable for upland bird hunting or hiking. In the mountains, my son—who weighs 140 pounds—had to assist the llama in the steep sections with the Grit lever-drive system. Call or text Joe at 719-494-9870.

Pack Systems

Used Pack Systems

We've closed our llama packing outfitter/guide business, our pack llamas are retired, and we're selling our extra pack systems. We have several Flaming Star systems ($275--all in very good to excellent shape), a Timberline ($375), and a few others, as well as some miscellaneous stuff that's kind of "second string" but still very serviceable. Happy to provide photos and prices of everything if you contact me. Shirley Weathers, 541-690-7779,,